Simple ways to add value to your home

The saying “Don't judge a book by it's cover” can be applied to homes, too. Sometimes what is on the outside doesn't accurately reflect what is on the inside. If someone were to look at your windows and doors from the outside, they may form their own conclusion about what your home looks like inside — whether or not that is true. Let's discuss how maximising natural lighting and improving your kerb appeal can positively impact your property value and quality of life.



More natural lighting 

A simple way to open-up your home and make it seem more spacious is to increase the natural lighting in your home. This gives the illusion of more space and improves the overall feel in your home. An easy way to increase the natural lighting in your home is to change your windows and doors. This will give the open-planned feeling throughout your home, right through to your garden.


Bi Folding doors effectively allow you to remove the wall between your home and your garden, perfect for those hot summer days (view our gallery). Bi folding doors give you the best of both worlds, keeping the cold out during the winter months, and allowing a nice cool breeze through your home in those warmer months.


Another simple way to add more natural light within your home is to fit a skylight or roof lantern. This gives your home a luxury-feel and instantly feels more open. It is also a great way to naturally heat up your home by allowing sunlight to shine through.

kitchen showing grid windows and skylights with a wood burner in the corner

Boost your interior design with the correct windows for your home.


Interior design is more than the furniture and accessories within your home, the windows can also be a key component to tying a room together.

Types of windows we suggest are:

  • Modern Bay Window
  • Georgian Barn Style 
  • Side Hung Window

Choosing the right colour to match the feel to your home is key. If opting for a more modern look, aphracite grey is a popular choice for this. Several factors contribute to what will be the best colour for your home, including your furniture and the type of windows/ doors you have chosen. However, you can now customise your windows to have different colours on the outside to the inside. This is a great way to get the best of both worlds, ensuring the exterior windows match your brickwork and the internal windows suite your home.

bi folding door colours available

Improve your Kerb appeal

When the time comes to list your home on the market, your home will be compared to your neighbours and their listing/selling prices. To increase the value of your home, the kerb appeal has a great influence on this. 

In the example above, a simple upgrade was needed which gave the home a more modern feel.

Invest in quality features in your home.

When doing any work on your home, it is essential that you invest in quality products. This will ensure you get the most out of your investment guarenteeing you aren't replacing features too often. It’s important to consider all aspects when looking for new windows and doors. Our advisors can give you great recommendations on this, feel free to give us a call on 0161 672 7960.


All our doors are made of aluminium, which unlike timber, are corrosion resistant. The right glazing will ultimately save you money by providing you with great insulation and protecting your home against any damage caused by varying weather conditions.


Whether its new windows or doors you are looking for, make sure you are making the most well-informed decision. We provide free quotes and advice for all our customers, and have a showroom where you can come and see our products in person.


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Providing Bi-Folding Door Installations in the North West

Looking to enhance your property? At Dream Bi Folding Doors, our aluminium bi-folding doors are increasingly popular with clients throughout the North West. Enabling you to completely slide open a wall in your home and compactly fold doors away, this solution will open up a room and allow more light into your home. Providing bespoke bi-fold door installations, our experienced fitters are here to help. Pop into our showroom today or get in touch for more details.