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5 reasons why you should choose our Bi folding doors

There are lots of suppliers on the market which makes it hard to choose which one is right for you... Here's a list of reasons why our bi folds are one of the best in the market.


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Bi Folding doors: everything you need to know about the operation and maintenance.

 If you already have bi folding doors in your home, or are planning to have them installed. It’s important you know how to properly operate and maintain them to ensure their longevity. When investing quality products in your home, you don’t want to be replacing them often. This is why maintenance is key.


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The external features of your home that are often overlooked.

When you’re renovating or buying a new home, it’s easy to overlook the small features of your home. However it is these small details that make your house stand out on the market, and make your house feel more like a home. Here are some features of your home that add up to a better living experience.


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How to choose the right windows and doors 

Planning a renovation? Choosing the right window and door for a home is crucial. Windows and doors play an important role in a house. They provide beauty, style, and value for your home. However, one thing you should know is that there are many types of windows and doors. In this blog, you'll learn how to choose windows and doors that perform well and look great.


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Energy Saving Tips to Consider When Renovating Your Home

There are many energy saving tips to consider when renovating your home. One of the most important areas to focus on is windows and doors. Decreasing the heat loss or gain through them can improve your home's energy efficiency by up to 50%.



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Simple ways to add value to your home

You've heard that the windows and doors are the eyes of your home, but did you know their condition can also have an effect on its value? Say goodbye to dark, dingy rooms and hallways that lead to nowhere by updating your windows and door with modern designs.



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Providing Bi-Folding Door Installations in the North West

Looking to enhance your property? At Dream Bi Folding Doors, our aluminium bi-folding doors are increasingly popular with clients throughout the North West. Enabling you to completely slide open a wall in your home and compactly fold doors away, this solution will open up a room and allow more light into your home. Providing bespoke bi-fold door installations, our experienced fitters are here to help. Pop into our showroom today or get in touch for more details.