Bi Folding doors: everything you need to know about the operation and maintenance

 If you already have bi folding doors in your home, or are planning to have them installed. It’s important you know how to properly operate and maintain them to ensure their longevity. When investing quality products in your home, you don’t want to be replacing them often. This is why maintenance is key. 




These operation steps should be easy to follow as they are quite straight forward. To open the doors, you have to open the swing door (1) and connect to the catch on the next door (2). You then may have to unlock the shoot bolt using the cylinder key. Then turn the intermediate handle 90 degrees to release the shoot bolt locks on all the other door panels (3). After this slide the corresponding doors across.

bi folding door configuration

To close your doors, follow the previous steps in reverse, ensuring you secure the panels by locking the shoot bold lock. Ensure all the other panels are in place before closing he swing door.



When cleaning the frames and glass it is important to ensure you remove dust and foreign material from between the frames to avoid build up. Once you have done this, the following materials can be used:

·         Warm cloth with soap (washing detergent can be used)

·         A sponge

·         Steam cleaners

·         Vacuum

·         Window cleaner for the glass

image of woman cleaning windows

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You should avoid abrasive material such as steel wool as this will cause damage to the surface area.

A maintenance method that should be used less often is lubricating the stainless steel. This includes the bottom wheel sett and all hinges. This cleaning should be done with a silicone based cleaning solution to ensure the moving parts don’t become stiff. We would recommend that you so this at least once a year.

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