Seamless integration


Integral Blinds in Lancashire from Dream Bi Folding Doors

Maximise your privacy and reduce glare with our range of integral blinds. Sitting between the panes of your windows and doors, these blinds are the ultimate solution for seamless style. Available in manual or automatic configurations, integral blinds are designed to complement your windows, which is why we offer a wide range of colour options.

Benefits of Integral Blinds

  • Little Maintenance Required – No Washing, No Ironing, No Dusting!

  • Safe, Child-Friendly Solution

  • Protected from Damage

  • Hygienic and Allergy-Free – No Dust!

  • Improved Energy Efficiency Insulation

  • Available in Slider, Manual, or Motorised Configurations

  • All Blinds and Installations Guaranteed for 5 Years as Standard


  • All Units below 350mm Height Are Tilt-Only

  • All Blinds over 350mm Height and Lift-and-Tilt as Standard

  • Size Limitations up to 1700mm High

  Single Blind – 1500w x 1700h

  Double Blind – 3000w x 1700h

Size Limitations

Size Limitations up to 1700mm high:

  • Single Blind 1500w x 1700h
  • Double Blind 3000w x 1700h

Size Limitations between 1700mm high and 3000mm high:

  • Single Blind 1200w x 3000h
  • Double Blind 2400w x 3000h

The higher the unit size the smaller you can have the unit in width. For instance, a 1700mm-tall blind can have a maximum width of 1500m, but a 1710mm-tall unit would have a maximum width of 1200mm.

First-Class Blind Installations from Dream Bi Folding Doors