5 reasons why you should choose our Bi folding doors

Bi-folding doorsare a great choice for homeowners looking to add light, space and security to their home. Here are five reasons why you should choose our bi-folding doors:

1. Natural light

Natural light is important for health and well-being. Studies show that natural sunlight improves moods, helps children learn better at school and increases productivity in the workplace. Bi folding doors can help you get more of this essential resource in your home by letting more light into any room they're installed in - whether it's the kitchen or living room!




2.Increased space 

If you're looking to add space to your home, bi folding doors are a great way to do so. They allow you to maximize natural light and create an open feel in any room. In addition, they can be used for entrances between rooms or as an extension of your existing space.

If your home is on the smaller side, bi folding doors make excellent additions that allow for more flexibility in how you use the space. Our doors are fully customisable, and our sashes are available in sizes up to 3000mm high and 1200mm wide.


3. Security 

Our bi folds incorporate shoot bolt intermediate locks operated by low projection handles and a traditional lever 3-point dead latch and hook lock. Numerous bifold panels create a multiple locking system, which has gained security PAS 24 accreditation – making our system one of the most secure on the market. This prevents the risk of a potential break-in and helps to establish confidence in homeowners. 

 The first thing to know is that when you buy a bi-folding door from us, it will come with the highest level of security available in the industry today. We do this by providing an installation process that is secure and tamper proof.


4. Durability 


Bi folding doors are made of high-quality materials, which makes them durable and easy to maintain. They are not easily damaged by weather or other factors, so you can rest assured that your bi folding doors will last for a long time. Our bi folding doors have an aluminium framing which is corrosion resistant and resists the effects of damage caused by extreme weather conditions. Another feature of our aluminium frames is a powder coating finish we have on all our doors. This is more durable than common paint used on pvc doors.

They're also designed to be easy to clean, which is great news if you have children or pets in the house!


5.Energy efficiency


Bi folding doors are more energy efficient than a traditional door. The benefits of this can be seen on your energy bills, which will be lower than they would be otherwise. Along with our thermal block that is fitted in the door, the glazing we provide contributes to the thermal efficiency of the doors. You can achieve an insulation value of 1.6 on double glazing and 1.4 on triple glazing can achieve an insulation value of 1.6 on double glazing and 1.4 with triple glazing. As briefly mentioned, the sun will naturally warm up your home.


If you're looking for a way to improve your home, bi folding doors are a great option. They add natural light and space while also giving you the security of a solid door. The best part? They're easy to install!


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